GE-Flash 1.0

GE-Flash - programming system for GE Phoenix, Ranger and Delta radios
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GE-Flash is a complete X2212/X2444 programming system for programming Phoenix, Delta and Ranger radios on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. A simple parallel port adapter and kernel mode driver allows direct programming of X2212 and X2444 EPROM's on your PC.

GE-Flash is designed to be a robust application that allows working with any number of programming files open at once. GE-Flash also contains a standalone X2212 and X2444 programmer window and supports multi-chip bank programming of up to eight eprom image memory buffers at once per window. Online help has been integrated into the application and users are encouraged to browse the online help for additional usage information.

Many years of development effort in MFC/C have gone into the GE-Flash programming system. GE-Flash programs X2212 and X2444 EPROM chips using a standard motherboard with integrated parallel port Windows 2000 and XP only. The software package includes a Win32 kernel mode driver for direct parallel port I/O access that must be installed. Note the driver only works with parallel ports on the motherboard and does not support PCI type add parallel port cards or other drivers.

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